Easy paths allow visitors to explore this fascinating natural environment on foot or by bicycle, taking the opportunity to reach idyllically quiet beaches and coves.

The natural environment

The Special Nature Reserve of Fondotoce is an area of about 30 hectares that extends along the final stretch of the Toce and the alluvial plain formed by it. The Reserve is all that remains of wetland in this highly urbanized area.

Reed beds are the most typical environment in the nature reserve, although more than 240 plant species have been recorded here.

The reed bed acts as an important natural purifier for the waters of Lake Maggiore and is also vital for the reproduction of many species of fish. This ecosystem is home to various animals, from reptiles such as the water snake and the marsh tortoise to amphibians such as the green frog. However, it is above all birds (more than 130 species recorded) that find here an ideal environment for nesting (including snipe, mallard, great crested grebe, and swan) or simply for resting (such as the stork).

The Migration Study Centre was set up with the aim of carrying out more in-depth studies of the bird fauna. The centre can be visited with expert guides.

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