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The Reserve and its Flora

About an hour’s drive from Borgomanero, the reserve extends from the Sacred Mount of Ghiffa to the slopes of Mount Cargiago, covering an area of almost 200 hectares of woodland.

It is characterised by lush and fertile vegetation: a mixed broadleaf forest with predominantly chestnut coppice; there are also maples, ash trees, alders, and birches.

On the slope facing the lake, visitors walk among conifers and exotic broadleaf trees: they can see strobe pines, deodar cedars, and American oaks.
The opposite, more gently rolling slope features pastures and cultivated land. Birch, aspen, ash, and maple grow here, as well as holly and yew. Black alder and white alder prevail in the wetter areas.

The Sacred Mount of Ghiffa

Immerse yourself in the Nature Reserve and arrive at the Sacred Mount of Ghiffa, which is almost hidden, as if it were naturally part of the lake and the woods that surround it.

This Baroque complex is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and consists of a sanctuary, three chapels, and a portico known as the Via Crucis. The chapels are dedicated to the Virgin Mary, St John the Baptist, and Abraham respectively.

The Nature Reserve of Sacred Mount of Ghiffa was established by the Piedmont Region in 1987 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

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