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Twinning of the City of Borgomanero

The town of Borgomanero is twinned with Digne les Bains and Bad Mergentheim. Digne les Bains is the capital of the Alpes de Haute Provence department. Bad Mergentheim is a spa resort on the ‘Romantic Road’, located in southern Germany, between Tauberbishofsheim and Rothenburg. It is an ideal starting point to visit the nearby cities of Heidelberg, Würzburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

Twinning with Digne Les Bains (France)

The City of Borgomanero is twinned with Digne les Bains, a French city located in the Alpes de Haute Provence department, of which it is the capital. Digne (17,000 inhabitants, 600 m asl) is located in the heart of Haute Provence and has a medieval center which underlines the historical journey of the city through time. Surrounded by partly still wild nature, it enjoys a sunny and breezy climate that further amplifies the benefits of its famous thermal waters. Today it is a well-known tourist destination also because of the thermal baths, which justify the term Les-Bains. Known since ancient times, their waters vary from a temperature of 29 ° to 49 ° C and are excellent for the treatment of rheumatism and respiratory tract diseases.
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There are numerous tourist routes in the Haute – Provence geological reserve that can be traveled on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike and the fossil finds in the Geological Reserve which covers an area of ​​150,000 hectares are very interesting. There are numerous sports activities practiced. 60% of Dignois play a sport. There are 73 sports clubs and more than 40 sports are practiced, including:
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Free Climbing
  • Equitation
The economy of the city of Digne les Bains is mainly based on tourism and agriculture: in fact it is one of the major centers of lavender production. The twinning foresees the exchange in the cultural, sporting, scholastic and voluntary fields. Visits and exchanges Digne les Bains, 23-26 April 2004: “Gardens of the Alps” fair Digne les Bains, 26-30 July 2007: twentieth anniversary of the twinning between Digne les Bains and Douma Digne and the P. Gobetti middle school As part of the Twinning, the P. Gobetti lower secondary school has been setting up interchange projects with the students of Digne les Bains for some years. To find out about the activities carried out, you can consult the school’s website. Website of the Municipality of Digne les Bains: Digne Les Bains tourist office website:

Twinning with Bad Mergentheim (Germany)

The City of Borgomanero is twinned with Bad Mergentheim, a spa on the “Romantic Road”, located in southern Germany, along the romantic road, between Tauberbishofsheim and Rothenburg, an ideal starting point for visiting the nearby cities of Heidelberg, Würzburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart . The Bad Mergentheim care Former residence of the Masters of the Teutonic Order (1525-1809), Bad Mergentheim has become, since the discovery of thermal waters in 1826, one of the most famous stations for treating organic and metabolic problems (problems with the liver, stomach, biliary and intestinal, diabetes and weight problems). From the subsoil of this historic city dominated by its medieval castle, the healthful waters that can be drunk at the spa spring from the Tauber valley. Cultural life in Bad Mergentheim Bad Mergentheim is closely linked to the poet Eduard Mörike (exponent of the romantic movement). Mörike lived and worked in the city for 7 years (1844-1851). His poems on nature reflect the spell of the Tauber valley. Concerts, theater, folkloric animations, and dance events are the proposals that every year accompany the summers of the German town. The Museum of the Teutonic Order which also houses a historical collection of dolls houses, presents the traditional culture of Bad Mergentheim and the princely apartments of the Baroque, Rococo and Classical periods revive the period of German chivalry.
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Bad Mergentheim
Some statistical data: Inhabitants of the Community: 22,393 distributed in 14 hamlets Surface: 12.997 ha Number of inhabitants per km²: 172 Number of workers by sector: 10,380 of which: 29 in agriculture and the national forest office; 2,729 in manufacturing companies; 2,275 in trade and gastronomy; 5,347 different 75% of loans as services Unemployment rate: 6.4% Taxes and duties: land tax, housing tax, tax on movable wealth Access Highways A81, A3, A6, and A7 State road B19, B290 Airports: Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Nürnberg Visits and exchanges Borgomanero, 10 September 2005: signing of the Twinning Pact Bad Mergentheim, 5-8 July 2007: eight hundredth anniversary of Edelfingen’s foundation Bad Mergentheim website: