The Parish Church dedicated to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was erected as a ‘Rectory’ in 1972, then became a Parish Church on 20th June 1986. The ancient Oratory, built in the 17th century, received the proceeds from the public ovens, with the commitment to convert the product into Masses for the suffrage of the dead. It was replaced by the present Church, built on the design of engineer Saverio Zoppi and consecrated on the second Sunday of September 1874 by the canon provost Parnisetti. In ancient maps,

Santa Croce is known as ‘COLONIA DD. PLOTORUM‘ because it belonged to the ‘Piotti’ family.

The place is also colloquially known as ‘Cascine Pelozze’. It is therefore not credible the popular tradition according to which the dialectal name ‘Pelozze’ or ‘Plozze’ may derive from the presence of prostitutes in those places. The hamlet is still called ‘Casin-Plozza’ in dialect.

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