Villa Marazza

Numerous events and demonstrations are held at Villa Marazza in Borgomanero

Immersed in the greenery of a centuries-old park is the eighteenth-century structure known today as Villa Marazza, thanks to the legacy of the lawyer Achille Marazza (1894 – 1967), who assigned it to house the Library and its Foundation.

It was an ancient property of the Rossignoli and Tornielli families and sold in 1782 to the Bonola family from Vacciago and Corconio, whose last pupil was the lawyer Giulio Bonola (1865 – 1939) who passed the property on to his nephew Achille Marazza.

The Villa currently hosts numerous events in the hall of honor and in the front and rear courtyards.

Important are the internal chapel made with pink Candoglia marble and the various rooms.

The Marazza Foundation is divided into three sectors: the public library, the “House of Culture” and the “Centro Studi e Ricerche cultural foundation”.

In turn, the “Public Library” is divided into various sectors: for children, adults, local Piedmontese and Lombard history, rare, historical libraries.

Achille Marazza Foundation – Public Library and Onlus Culture House

The Foundation was commissioned by Achille Marazza (1894 – 1967) – lawyer, member of CLN Alta Italia and of the Constituent Assembly – who donated his eighteenth-century villa to the Municipality of Borgomanero, the large park that surrounds it, a block of houses and shops in the historic center of the city in order to be able to maintain and increase the new nascent institution, and the main nucleus of its library together with objects and art prints.

The Marazza Foundation has been open to the public since 1971 as a Public Library and House of Culture.

It currently has over 110,000 volumes, of which about 14,000 books for children, 20,000 books destined to circulate among the libraries of the Library System of the Middle Novara area and 30,000 ancient and rare books (14th – 19th centuries).


Viale Marazza, 5, 28021 Borgomanero NO


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