Statue of Madonna

The laying of the statue depicting the Immaculate Conception dates back to 1721 on the initiative of the Marquis Gabriele d'Este

Borgomanero was then part of the Duchy of Milan and with the whole Novara territory it was close to passing under the Savoy family, which happened in 1738.

The statue of the Immaculate Conception was erected in 1721 by Marquis Gabriele d’Este. At that time, Borgomanero was part of the Dukedom of Milan and, together with the entire territory of Novara, would soon come under Savoy rule, as happened in 1738.

Gabriele d’Este was born in Turin in 1661 and first came to Borgomanero in 1714. He was welcomed in such a way, that he wrote to his uncle Sigismondo: ‘the women waiting at the windows made me dizzy with the great cheers they shouted’. He reached Piazza Grande and entered the collegiate church with provost Giovanni Battista Marola. The Marquis was a member of the third order of Franciscan penitents, who were consecrated to the Virgin Mary. The placing of the statue was intended to confirm his devotion and that of the Borgo.

Gabriele d’Este wrote to podestà Prospero Curioni, informing him of his decision to erect the statue. According to him, the statue would be a sacred ornament to the Borgo and a holy inspiration for such great devotion.

The letter was read during a council meeting in 1720. There is no news of the inauguration, but it is assumed that the sculptor was from Porlezza, in the province of Como.

Two other statues of saints in the Regina Elena nursery school are thought to be by the same artist.

The statue underwent three restorations, in 1980, 2010 and 2021 due to air pollution.


Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 1, 28021 Borgomanero NO


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