Rosmini College

The Rosminian schools have been present in the city context since 1845

The Rosminian Schools have been present in the town since 1845: Antonio Rosmini Girls’ College dates back to 1857. According to the historian and poet Giovanni Colombo, its opening was officially authorised by the Superintendent of Studies of Novara in the name of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Sardinia on 16th June 1857.

The historian Vincenzo De Vit, in the second edition of 1880 of his ‘Memorie Storiche di Borgomanero e del suo mandamento’ (Historical Memoirs of Borgomanero and its district), also states that ‘… around 1870, the boarding school already had over one hundred pupils…’.

The valuable church of the Madonna delle Grazie is inside the college.


Via P. Fornari, 1, 28021 Borgomanero NO


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