Monte Fenera Nature Park

Discover the wonders of the Monte Fenera Nature Park

There are plenty of opportunities to discover the wonders of Monte Fenera Nature Park, from a short walk for everyone, or climbing to the summit with a circumnavigation of the mountain.

The Park

It is named after Mount Fenera, the mountain rising above the foothills of Lower Valsesia and whose profile is recognisable from the Novara and Vercelli plain.
Mount Fenera shows many caves on its western slopes. Some caverns are of great archaeological and palaeontological interest, as they have revealed unique signs in Piedmont of the presence of Neanderthal man and the Cave Bear, which became extinct some 20,000 years ago.

Mount Fenera is a real microcosm welcoming many guests of excellence, including the black stork, a very rare species that has been visiting the park for some years, the wallcreeper, and the peregrine falcon.

The flora of the park also features some rare plants such as the Alpine daphne, the wild vine, the hart’s tongue fern, and the royal fern.

The park also houses several architectural structures, such as the Sanctuary of the Crucifix in Boca, an example of architect Alessandro Antonelli’s experimental design, and the neoclassical churches in Soliva and Castagnola.

Andrea, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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