Colle di Buccione Nature Reserve

From the Colle di Buccione Nature Reserve you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Orta

A hill overlooking Lake Orta, and the remains of a castle dating back to 1200 with a tower that still stands majestically. Here is your next itinerary between history and nature!

The Reserve

The Torre di Buccione Nature Reserve stretches from 300 to 458 metres (984 to 1503 ft) above sea level. The hill is covered by chestnut woods and still shows the cracks left by the extraction of porphyry (igneous rock). The tower offers a panoramic view stretching from Lake Orta and San Giulio Island to Monte Rosa and the green woods.

Buccione Tower

The 23-metre-high (75,5 ft) Buccione Tower dates back to the early 13th century. It was part of the castle, of which was the main defensive bulwark, as well as being used as a warehouse.

A bell was placed on top of the tower to signal danger. The last surviving bell, dated back to 1600, is kept in the gardens of Orta Town Hall.


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