Alta Valle Antrona Nature Park

Wild green expanses, soaring peaks with the shimmering colours of the seasons and gushing water from waterfalls or in the placid alpine lakes The territory Wild green expanses, soaring peaks with the shimmering colours of the seasons and gushing water from waterfalls or in the placid alpine lakes. The Alta valle Antrona Natural Park is […]

Pallavicino Park

On Stresa lakefront heading towards Belgirate, there are 18 hectares of parkland, a paradise where flowers and animals live in harmony. The Villa Villa Pallavicino was originally built as a private residence in 1855 when the area was purchased by the statesman and academic Ruggero Bonghi. It then passed into the hands of the Duke […]

Special Natural Reserve of Fondotoce

Easy paths allow visitors to explore this fascinating natural environment on foot or by bicycle, taking the opportunity to reach idyllically quiet beaches and coves. The natural environment The Special Nature Reserve of Fondotoce is an area of about 30 hectares that extends along the final stretch of the Toce and the alluvial plain formed […]

Monte Mesma Reserve

The Monte Mesma Nature Reserve stretches above the towns of Ameno and Bolzano Novarese. The top of Mount Mesma offers a splendid view of Lake Orta. The History The discovery of urns containing ashes allows us to trace the first human settlements on Mount Mesma back to the period between the 9th and 6th centuries […]

Bosco Solivo Reserve

An area of great scenic and naturalistic value. Welcome to the Bosco Solivo Reserve. When in Borgo Ticino, the Bosco Solivo Nature Reserve can be reached through an extensive network of paths. Located to the southwest of Lake Maggiore, in the area where the lake starts to flow into the river Ticino, this area is […]

Colle di Buccione Nature Reserve

A hill overlooking Lake Orta, and the remains of a castle dating back to 1200 with a tower that still stands majestically. Here is your next itinerary between history and nature! The Reserve The Torre di Buccione Nature Reserve stretches from 300 to 458 metres (984 to 1503 ft) above sea level. The hill is […]

Monte Ghiffa Nature Reserve

Where spirituality and love for nature come together in a single itinerary. The Reserve and its Flora About an hour’s drive from Borgomanero, the reserve extends from the Sacred Mount of Ghiffa to the slopes of Mount Cargiago, covering an area of almost 200 hectares of woodland. It is characterised by lush and fertile vegetation: […]

Lagoni di Mercurago Park

Are you looking for a fascinating place to take a walk amid nature, or to exercise in the open air? The Lagoni di Mercurago Park is just the place for you. The Park The Lagoni di Mercurago Nature Park is located not far from the centre of Arona, on one of the green hills surrounding […]

Monte Fenera Nature Park

There are plenty of opportunities to discover the wonders of Monte Fenera Nature Park, from a short walk for everyone, or climbing to the summit with a circumnavigation of the mountain. The Park It is named after Mount Fenera, the mountain rising above the foothills of Lower Valsesia and whose profile is recognisable from the […]

Reed beds of Dormelletto

The Reserve The Special Nature Reserve of the Dormelletto Reed Beds covers an area of 157 hectares lying between the towns of Arona and Castelletto Ticino. Together with the Fondotoce reed bed, it represents the only area of predominantly spontaneous vegetation on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore. From an ecological point of view, the […]